not so wordless wednesday


the first leg of our journey was completed today as we said goodbye to switzerland and took a short flight to belgium to spend the day with stijn's family. as usual eleanor was a gem on the plane. for the first half of the flight she occupied herself with the vomit bag and then spent the last thirty minutes desperately trying to free herself from the infant seatbelt. when it became evident that her efforts were futile she decided it was better to just eat it. now you may be thinking, "seriously megan? buy that kid some real toys." but if the safety features card, vomit bag, and seatbelt are interesting enough to keep us from being the family with the screaming baby that you glare at, then i figure why mess with a good thing?

tomorrow is our big journey to the u.s. and the beginning of our little families next great adventure. see you from the other side of the ocean...