over the weekend: city flea small mall





as you probably know from my endless plugging, sunday was the city flea small mall event at the 21c museum hotel. as if the city flea wasn't already the coolest event around then they went and held it in the number one rated hotel in the country. seriously people, shopping all your favorite local shops, amongst a crazy collection of art, in a beautifully designed historic building...sunday was swoon worthy. it was packed full of shoppers and while it felt crazy at times and i somehow managed to survive the day on only one donut (thank you eli), a cocktail (thank you rachel), and a beer, it was a very successful day for fern studio and fun to share space with so many inspiring people.

all photos by nick dewald
view his full set of pics from the event here

over the weekend


saturday was fern's debut at the city flea. we were blown away by the response and are feeling very grateful for you, cincinnati. thank you to lindsay and nick for creating such a wonderful event! cincinnati is lucky to have you back. looking forward to october's flea at the american can. (mark your calendars now for oct. 19th)