kitchen progress

we are in full on kitchen renovation mode over here and i thought i would share some progress shots with you.

>>> in addition to taking out the existing cabinetry and appliances we also removed a wall and the tile floors

>>> after the kitchen had been torn out and plumbing had been rerouted


>>> toothing new wood into existing wood floor


>>> new floors!!!

the old kitchen and flooring has been torn out, the plumbing has been rerouted, and new wood has been toothed in to the existing wood floors in what used to be the dining room, entry, and study. this house is already a breeze in comparison to our 120 year old historic home in holland. the floors are all level! that being said, we have run into some trouble. our floors have expanded over time meaning that when we went to add new 2 1/4" oak to meet the existing wood, every 4 boards or so we were left with huge gaps. luckily, we've got someone with high standards working on our floors and he has fixed the problem by adding a wider board (miniscule) every so often. the floors are in and you can't even tell which just makes me so happy. next week the floors on the first level will all be sanded and stained and we will be able to begin installing the kitchen and moving our furniture in. now to pick a stain color...i'm thinking something dark like this.

kitchen remodel: 3D renderings

if you follow me on instagram you know that we wasted zero time getting started on our kitchen remodel. within 36 hours of getting the keys to our house we had torn the kitchen out. now here we are living in a house without a kitchen eating food from a microwave and super anxious for the remodel to be complete. we're a long way off but with a plumber coming tomorrow to relocate some pipes and put in a water line to the fridge i almost feel like we're making progress.

i shared some of the preliminary plans for the kitchen a few weeks ago but sometimes it helps to see things in 3D. and sometimes your super talented, architect friends make it happen. here are some 3D renderings of the new kitchen.

3d kitchen renderings

3d kitchen renderings

3d kitchen renderings

how cute is that little nespresso machine on the counter? we've 86'd the vitsoe shelving in the great room and relocated it to the study in order to give us more room for the dining table. but this is pretty damn near what it will look like down to that nespresso machine.

kitchen remodel: inspiration

were getting closer to occupying our little mcm home and that mean closer to our kitchen remodel project. it looks like we are closing on oct. 11! one week away, friends.

when planning for the kitchen i began by gathering images as inspiration for what i had in mind.

kitchen inspiration

kitchen inspiration

kitchen inspiration

shockingly i love white, all white kitchens with carrara or calacutta marble. after some research it seems that the marble, while it occupies most kitchen dreams, is not the best choice for a space that would see the wear of someone who has children, enjoys wine, or actually uses their kitchen. so we are still debating countertops and searching for alternatives. for cabinets we are going with ikea again because it is affordable, well made, and fairly easy to install. in keeping with the mid century design of the house we are incorporating some custom wood door fronts, floating shelves, and a custom wood panel on the peninsula from semihandmade. we are switching to a gas range and upgrading on our appliances, going with the pro line from kitchenaid! we will be tearing out the tile floor currently occupying the kitchen and installing wood floors to match those on the rest of the first floor.

the plans are coming together and i can't wait to get started. any ideas on countertops are welcome...

you can see all my kitchen inspiration here

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the waiting


oh the waiting. friends, we are so ready to be in this house and yet, still no movement. so in the meantime while we wait, not so patiently, i have been distracting myself with renovation plans. i actually just thought to myself we don't have that much to do...except tear out a kitchen, and two bathrooms, refinish floors, paint every surface white, and rebuild the kitchen and baths. am i forgetting anything? oh yeah, replace the roof, and install a better drainage system outside. yup, not that much to do.!!! thankfully the kitchen remodel has turned into quite a lovely project for me to obsess over. the kitchen space in this house it quite a bit more complicated than our previous home and so instead of designing it myself i thought it would be smart to consult a professional. sometimes i have a hard time reconciling my ideal with what can actually be done within the confines of the space. and friends, this space is tiny and not so easy to work with. thankfully i happen to know an architect who loves modern and enjoys working on these types of things. so with her help i believe that we have come up with what will be a pretty badass kitchen. i can't wait to begin but since i don't own the home yet all gutting and remodeling will have to continue to take place in my head or here, virtually.

the current kitchen space is so small and cramped leaving the dining room also small and cramped. we have already decided that our table wont fit in the house and so resigning ourselves to buying a new, smaller one, was the first step in what turned out to be a brilliant idea. we have decided to allow the new kitchen to occupy what was both the kitchen and dining room. pushing our dining table into the great room.

kitchen before >>>view of the current kitchen from the current dining room

plans >>>preliminary drawings for the newly designed kitchen/dining/great room

goodness knows i want to cook in that kitchen as of yesterday so please, please, let this house come through soon!