five on friday x2


i was not at all prepared for the summer like weather we've been having here lately. when we packed before leaving switzerland we thought at the time that 1. it would be typical late winter early spring weather here and 2. our shipment would arrive in march. well... 1. it's hot! like july hot! and 2. our shipment is in new york waiting until we have an address to be delivered to. not only am i without warm weather clothes and more importantly warm weather shoes but i realized that i have no summer clothes for eleanor. she and i have both been having a bit of a wardrobe crisis lately (she handles this much better than her mother). after some successful online shopping e has some short sleeve shirts, a few summer dresses, and two pairs of saltwater sandals. (is it ok if i occasionally wear mine so we match?)

my summer closet inspiration is lightweight easy clothing, lots of separates (still nursing), and pops of bright color. eleanor's summer wardrobe inspiration is all about ease and comfort as she is so active, cute sandals, and of course stripes.


on a separate yet related topic how many pieces of striped clothing is too much? i have put a freeze on buying anything striped for myself as i fear i have far overreached the limit but i am on the fence re: e's collection.

have an incredible weekend friends!
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five on friday


inspired to work on my cake decorating skills. loving the simple beauty of these designs.

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oh and i'm also inspired by beer, bock beer, cincinnati bock beer. you'll find me in OTR this weekend tipping my hat and my bottle to the rich history of beer in cincinnati.

five on friday


a collection of things that inspired me this week.

nothing like a big move and living out of boxes to make you crave permanence. currently dreaming of a home...

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