friday fika


fika: swedish term for coffee break

after a visit to mad cap coffee in grand rapids and tasting one of the best cappuccinos i've ever had the pleasure of trying and in light of the fact that my previous employers, coffee emporium, are headed to the white house to meet with president obama, i thought this friday's collection would be dedicated to my life long love affair with coffee.

congratulations tony and eileen!

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the way to my heart


it is safe to say that the way to my heart is paved in coffee beans and for years that heart has belonged to the trusty french press. when i first visited stijn and saw the sleek, modern, home espresso machine gracing his countertop i was equally intrigued and horrified. call me a purist, a snob, whatever you like but the idea of an aluminum capsule being able to deliver/replace the experience provided by my years of expertise as a barista seemed offensive and in direct conflict with my ideals. i was skeptical to say the least. when i made the decision to move to switzerland i knew that my relationship with the french press, not to mention good coffee in general, was going to be on a "break." packing my belongings into boxes for their interim life in storage was difficult but none was as hard as the moment i wrapped my beloved bodum glass pitcher in newspaper and placed it in the box that would become it's new home. i explained that it wasn't my press's fault and that there was nothing the press had done, we were just moving in different directions. we said our goodbyes and i've moved on for the most part. i've warmed up to the nespresso machine and even had moments celebrating it's efficiency and time management but their has remained a hole in my heart where my bodum french press once lived.

a moment of silence for le press...

now some women are seduced by shiny gifts and flowers but for me there was no gesture quite as romantic as the day i opened a package from stijn. beaming up at me from within the box was the shining stainless steel of a new bodum press. this my friends is the stuff of true romance and lasting love, when a partner understands your caffeinated needs and makes them happen. how selfless to sacrifice counter space (a scarcity in european apartments) to bring me the cup i need. i can't wait to return to cincinnati one day, pull my old french press from it's packaged comfort and introduce it to it's new swiss born mate. i'm sure it will be love at first sight.


coffee illustration found at dear coffee, i love you