and then it's spring

doesn't spring make you love your life. after the long suffering winter spring always arrives as the hero and this weekend we gladly welcomed her. sunday was the perfect day. we woke up and had our usual sunday pancake breakfast, the kids built a tent on the living room floor and read books, i folded the mt. everest of laundry, and then we packed lunch and headed to the park. afterwards we stopped at the neighborhood creamy whip for the first cone of the season and on the way home eleanor asked if she could ride her scooter. at this point i wondered if we should jump all into the nice weather activities or if we should enter this next season slowly so as to avoid shocking our systems. i opted for jumping all in and we topped it off with some sidewalk chalk coloring. we may have outdone it yesterday but man was it lovely and i cannot wait to do it all again. spring, you are wonderful and i will love you always.