first day

first day of pre-k

first day of pre-k


first day of pre-k

today was the beginning of something big. today was eleanor's first day of half day preschool. it is such a huge milestone for her and us. it's the beginning of her creating her own life and adventures in the world outside of what we control.

we dropped her off this morning and she didn't even turn around. she was basically like, "I got this mama." meanwhile I drove away crying. she was ready for school, I am sure of that, and I know that she will thrive in the montessori environment that we chose for her.

almost as soon as we pulled away, felix said, "where's eleanor?" this transition may be the most difficult for him. all morning I thought about what she may be doing, who she was meeting, and what she was thinking about it all.

when we picked her up her teacher came out to say that she was so sweet and had a great day. she said that it was as if eleanor had always been there. my heart is so full and proud. when eleanor saw me she smiled and waved and climbed into the car immediately speaking of a new friend. she then asked if felix missed her and if he cried. he told her, "yeah." and then as we drove home she said, "so, what did you guys talk about while I was at school?"

I love you eleanor faye and am so very proud and honored to be your mama. here is to the next chapter buttercup.