almost three

eleanor's welcome packet from her school arrived today with a letter from her teacher, a school supply list, and drop-off/pick-up instructions. imagining my little girl with a little backpack on walking into a new place away from mama and papa and felix, the beginning of her cultivating her own life, and i was a mess. i'm not worried about her. i know she's ready and that she will do great. i am confident that we chose a place for her where she will be encouraged, well cared for, and ultimately thrive. i think about the days when she was helpless and needed me for everything and now i look at her and am in awe of the little lady that she is. i sometimes wish i could go back and hold that baby eleanor again but then i lay with her in her bed before nap time and she entertains me with all her cute and all her personality and i tell myself that i am ready too. that we can do this. my baby girl is growing up oh so very fast and i am desperately trying to cherish every moment because these moments are wonderful. here's my girl, almost three.





eleanor faye, you are joy, my child.