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we're packing up and preparing for our trip to florida! we leave very early sunday morning and are attempting to drive straight through. i'm a little nervous since last years car ride was a nightmare. hopefully with our children being a bit older and easier to occupy and with driving the first 6 hours while they are sleeping (please let them sleep) it will go a bit more smoothly. since i was quite young we have traveled to florida every year for spring break which meant we usually spent easter in the car. instead of easter baskets my mom would make us "car bags", filled with books, tapes, snacks, and other small treats to keep us occupied. in keeping with the tradition i've packed car bags for the kids to help us get through. using smallfry and everything emily's diy's as a guide i quickly sewed up a miffy inspired bag to hold everything. wish us luck! i will take comfort in knowing that as bad as it gets there are palm trees and the beach waiting for us on the other side.