wanted: ceramic edition


clockwise from top left 1 / 2 / 3 / 4

when stijn and i first moved in together we married our ikea kitchenware collections leaving us with a large mismatched mix of functional dinnerware. as soon as we began planning for our kitchen renovation i knew that i wanted to decrease our plate, bowl, and mug collection into something more streamlined and long lasting. and as soon as the plans for our kitchen involved floating shelves i knew that it was time to get serious about the ceramic cups that would be gracing them. as it turns out i am nothing if not consistent. most of the cups i have collected on pinterest look strikingly similar to one another, they are all simple and in natural colorways. i have narrowed it down to these four beauties. i'm thinking a mix of two different styles: one mostly white/nuetral/grey, and the other with a bit of color. i think they will all go nicely with our vintage heath ceramic salt and pepper shakers, also crying out for exposed shelf space.