kitchen progress

we are in full on kitchen renovation mode over here and i thought i would share some progress shots with you.

>>> in addition to taking out the existing cabinetry and appliances we also removed a wall and the tile floors

>>> after the kitchen had been torn out and plumbing had been rerouted


>>> toothing new wood into existing wood floor


>>> new floors!!!

the old kitchen and flooring has been torn out, the plumbing has been rerouted, and new wood has been toothed in to the existing wood floors in what used to be the dining room, entry, and study. this house is already a breeze in comparison to our 120 year old historic home in holland. the floors are all level! that being said, we have run into some trouble. our floors have expanded over time meaning that when we went to add new 2 1/4" oak to meet the existing wood, every 4 boards or so we were left with huge gaps. luckily, we've got someone with high standards working on our floors and he has fixed the problem by adding a wider board (miniscule) every so often. the floors are in and you can't even tell which just makes me so happy. next week the floors on the first level will all be sanded and stained and we will be able to begin installing the kitchen and moving our furniture in. now to pick a stain color...i'm thinking something dark like this.