right now

oma and opa

after a two week visit, we said goodbye yesterday, to oma and opa. we had such a wonderful time with them showing all the best of this city. there were lots of forts, lots of pancake and meatball making (from eleanor's pretend kitchen), lots of singing, lots of waiting for the bus (sitting outside watching all the buses go by), and lots of taking care of eleanor's imaginary zoo animals. felix started crawling the first day they were here and mastered eating food. i am so happy that they were able to be a part of these milestones.

when stijn and i decided to be together we knew that it meant one of us would always be far away from family. for the first two years it was me and now it is him. it breaks my heart that we can't all be together all the time but i am so grateful that we have all made travel a priority and are able to be with one another a few times a year.

flights are booked and we are headed to belgium for christmas where there is already the promise of pajama and dance parties and where a new baby will be waiting for us to hold.

thank you oma and opa for a wonderful visit. we love you and will see you soon!