two years old

i realize these are not the best photos and are in fact blurry but these two images show her, just as she is, fun, goofy, and a true joy!


>>>listening to music as we often do and when a song she deemed worthy of dance came on she ran to her toy basket, grabbed her tutu and sombrero and insisted we put them on (this has become a regular occurrence and music and dancing are now synonymous with dress up)



an update on our first born

height: 37 inches / 94 cm
weight: 29 lbs / 13kg

the other night as i rocked eleanor to sleep, humming the same tune i've hummed to her for the last two years, i thought about how quickly it has all gone by. i am so happy to see the independent little girl she is becoming but a part of me longs for and wants to cling to the days of her being my baby.

our little girl has grown up so much in the last few months. she is such a great big sister and takes her role very seriously. she loves to help with felix all the time, even when i would rather she didn't (no, eleanor, he doesn't need to be force fed your milk.) the other day she laid next to him in bed, put her arm around him and said, "i love you brother." i about died. she is the most loving child and always wants to give hugs and kisses. she love to hold hands and tries to with just about everyone. she is also very sensitive and empathetic. she cries almost every time she has to say goodbye to someone. i hope she never loses this love for others.

it makes me laugh that i was ever worried about her speech since now it feels like she never stops talking. i suppose this was my first lesson in never comparing my child to another, they all learn differently and at their own pace.

some of my favorite things she says:
a donkey says, "meat-ball"
"what doing mama?"
"i do it." (all the time)
whenever i tell her we're going somewhere, "felix come too?"
"shopping target mama"

her favorite color (much to my dismay) is pink. her favorite books are, "for just one day" and "if you want to see a whale". her favorite food is "breakfast!" her favorite animal is "animal cookies!"

dear eleanor,

for two years now you have shared your smile, your laugh, your goofy antics, your facial expressions, and your incredible love with us. you taught me and continue to teach me how to be a mother. you have made me into the woman i always hoped i would be and for that i am incredibly grateful. you were the first to teach me that my life could be about something bigger than myself and i am so happy that through you we are able to see the world differently. you are the light in every room my dear girl and we are all lucky to know you. it is my keenest wish that you always know how much you are loved and cherished.