the waiting


oh the waiting. friends, we are so ready to be in this house and yet, still no movement. so in the meantime while we wait, not so patiently, i have been distracting myself with renovation plans. i actually just thought to myself we don't have that much to do...except tear out a kitchen, and two bathrooms, refinish floors, paint every surface white, and rebuild the kitchen and baths. am i forgetting anything? oh yeah, replace the roof, and install a better drainage system outside. yup, not that much to do.!!! thankfully the kitchen remodel has turned into quite a lovely project for me to obsess over. the kitchen space in this house it quite a bit more complicated than our previous home and so instead of designing it myself i thought it would be smart to consult a professional. sometimes i have a hard time reconciling my ideal with what can actually be done within the confines of the space. and friends, this space is tiny and not so easy to work with. thankfully i happen to know an architect who loves modern and enjoys working on these types of things. so with her help i believe that we have come up with what will be a pretty badass kitchen. i can't wait to begin but since i don't own the home yet all gutting and remodeling will have to continue to take place in my head or here, virtually.

the current kitchen space is so small and cramped leaving the dining room also small and cramped. we have already decided that our table wont fit in the house and so resigning ourselves to buying a new, smaller one, was the first step in what turned out to be a brilliant idea. we have decided to allow the new kitchen to occupy what was both the kitchen and dining room. pushing our dining table into the great room.

kitchen before >>>view of the current kitchen from the current dining room

plans >>>preliminary drawings for the newly designed kitchen/dining/great room

goodness knows i want to cook in that kitchen as of yesterday so please, please, let this house come through soon!