the best news


friends, we received the best news yesterday. after two months of waiting to hear about the offer we put on a short sale mid century home, we learned yesterday that the bank has accepted our offer and we have a closing date of september 6th. that is two months earlier than we were told just a few weeks ago.

we have a house! we have a house! we have a house!

this is the first house we looked at when we came to cincinnati and the house we have been measuring each home since up against. it is considerably smaller than our home in holland but with a more open floor plan, lots of natural light, and a huge backyard for the kids to play. in just four short weeks we will have keys to our new house, what we're calling our "starter modern" and i cannot wait to make our home there. it's another project house because we just can't seem to help ourselves so stay tuned for more home renovation posts.