over the weekend

falling water

we took a short trip this weekend to seven springs, pennsylvania for a surprise 50th anniversary party for my great aunt and uncle. my maternal grandmother's sister and her family all still live in new york and so we met them in pennsylvania to celebrate. it was so wonderful to see just how surprised my aunt was and just how much it meant to her. she and my grandmother talk every day on the phone and i always knew that they were very close but it wasn't until my aunt exclaimed through tears, "my sister's here," that i fully understood how much they mean to one another. watching them interact, like best friends, showed me a whole new side to my grandmother. on another note watching my aunt and uncle still so much in love and adoring of one another after four children, lots of grandchildren, and 50 years, was so beautiful and inspiring. i think we all held our spouses a little tighter and closer that night. there was a cocktail party, then dinner, and then dancing and friends my daughter was the life of the party. she danced all night, running around the dance floor, stealing tomatoes and cannoli, doing somersaults, staying up way past bedtime, this girl knows how to party. after putting the kids to bed i joined my cousins in their suite for karaoke (my first time). thankfully, they're family so there was no judgement and it was loads of fun.

sunday we drove to frank lloyd wright's, falling water. it was a beautiful day and it was pretty spectacular. my dad, stijn, and i did the tour of while my mom watched the kids (not allowed inside the house) and then we all walked the grounds together. the exterior of the house was far more remarkable to me than the interior, and perhaps that was the point, though the many windows and terraces and the great room were incredible. i found myself much more interested in the decor than in the architectural features of the home. i paid a lot of attention to the textiles that were used and found lots of inspiration for our new house. i'm glad we took the time to walk through and i learned that frank lloyd wright was the inventor of the carport which is a fun fact.

it was a great weekend away! happy monday and here's to the week ahead.