over the weekend


photo from the city flea

we had the best of weekends here. friday night i was able to go out for drinks with one of my best girlfriends, just us, no kids. and friends let me tell you how much i needed it. i am so glad that we are back here where i had formed some of the most valuable friendships of my adult life. just a few hours out chatting and i feel like i reclaimed a bit of my self. saturday we spent the morning working on some projects for my next venture (more on that later). after naptime we headed downtown to park ourselves on the grass at washington park for lumenocity, a display of light projections on music hall synchronized with a live performance by the cincinnati symphony orchestra. we grabbed a couple of pizzas from a tavola and had a nice picnic with friends waiting for the sun to go down. the sun goes down after the kids normal bedtime so it was a special treat for e to stay up. i am a firm believer that children benefit from routine but i was excited to see how she would experience the performance. shortly before the show started she started to get a bit delirious but then they passed out glow sticks and all was good. she was mesmerized by the light show. it brought me so much joy to see her eyes light up, hear her gasps and her, "wow's." as each song ended she would shout, "bravo!" and i about died from the cuteness overload. having kids and seeing things through their eyes really does make everything better. sunday i took my little family to sugar and spice for brunch (their first time) and then we spent the rest of the day working on more projects before having a nice grill out. i couldn't have asked for a better weekend. thank you cincinnati for constantly reminding us what a wonderful decision we made by coming back. i love this city!