birthday weekend

our weekend was spent prepping and celebrating eleanor's 2nd birthday. all week leading up to sunday eleanor would see the things i was making and point and say, "birthday." i kept telling her that her special day was sunday and telling her how many more sleeps before we would celebrate. when sunday morning arrived i was just as excited as her to watch her experience all of what we had planned to make the day special. we came downstairs to streamers hanging in the doorway. eleanor loved running back and forth through them. we continued our tradition of birthday pancakes with a candle and the first on many, "happy birthday" songs.

then it was time to head to washington park for her party. i had made coleslaw, potato salad, and a kale and green been salad to go with the fried chicken we were picking up. there were animals on parade wearing party hats, lots of balloons, kazoos, and colorful paper garland to decorate. we couldn't have asked for a more perfect day. the weather was beautiful and we sat in the grass and ate and played. after cake (carrot) the kids played in the fountains while the adults visited and relaxed. on the way home eleanor began singing, "happy birthday to you," and i knew that we had succeeded in creating a great day for her.
i'll share an update and letter to eleanor later this week. until then here are some photos from our day.


grandma and felix



daniel and jonathan




carrot cake

more photos here