i have determined that house hunting is one of the most emotionally draining bits of being an adult. i would take a frustrating day with a whiney toddler any day over the constant highs and lows of trying to find a home. we have been here in cincinnati for 6 weeks now and we have been hitting the real estate circuit hard. at first we i struggled to see myself in any house other than the one we had just left in holland. then we i struggled to not want to change everything in each house we saw. as it turns out i am pretty particular and it suits us me better to find a house that isn't "too finished" because inevitably i will want to at least redo the kitchen. early on we saw a house in a less than desirable neighborhood (not bad just eh) with lots of potential to be a pretty cool modern. it has great lines and a killer backyard. but this house is a short sale so the process is a bit wonky and long. in the meantime i have been looking almost daily at the listings hoping that our future home would find us. we've seen a few nightmares and a few ok homes with potential but overall it has been pretty disheartening. we are lucky to be staying with my folks in the meantime but that can't last forever. as we prepare to see a couple houses tonight i wonder what are your deal breakers in looking for a home? do you search by neighborhood or size or lot size or price? when people ask where we are looking, i say, "everywhere." but in reality i am unwilling to be more than 15 minutes outside the city. second to that we need space for our kids to play, space for our out of town family and friends to stay, and space to cook and host meals. is that so much to ask for?

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