"she said yeah"




about a year ago i got a call from my brother, aaron, gushing about this girl he had met and how he already felt like this was it, that she was the girl for him. my brothers and i are close (understatement) and i am incredibly protective (also understatement) and so i couldn't wait to meet the woman that had captured his heart. it didn't take long to see why. she is lovely and watching her love my brother and watching him able to be exactly who he is in loving her has made my heart so happy. coming back to cincinnati and getting to be around their little family is a dream.

yesterday was the culmination of months of planning and secrets. aaron proposed to ally on the one year anniversary of their first date, at second sunday on main, in front of the stoop where they had first talked about their relationship while their family and friends waited at a bar around the corner to celebrate. i had the joy of watching the whole thing. i hid behind a gelato truck waiting until they stood up (my cue that it was about to go down) and ran to the sidewalk in front of them to capture it. it's a wonder any of these photos came out clear with as much as i was shaking and crying.

i am so glad i got to be a part of their moment (such a creeper) and i am so grateful to have ally as a sister in law! i love you three and couldn't be happier for you.

surprise! engagement party