the road ahead


the number one driving force that influenced our decision to move our family from switzerland to the u.s. was a desire to be close to family so we began the job search focusing on cincinnati. but as the months wore on, with a move date set and with no job in sight, we began to sweat. and then herman miller showed interest and we knew that the opportunity to work for such an iconic company was one that we couldn't turn down. so we moved to holland, michigan (sight unseen i might add). "at least we were closer to family," we told ourselves. in the last year we completely renovated a 120 year old house, learning all sorts of things along the way, and in the process we have turned our house into a home. we have put roots down, we've met some lovely people and developed a few great relationships. eleanor has developed her own little community and we brought a son into our world here. but in truth something has been missing. we have learned in this last year just how important it is to us to be near family. and friends, soon we will be.

recent circumstances have forced us to look at where we are and where we want to be and we have decided that that is cincinnati. we will be spending the next month getting the house completed and ready to sell and then we will be packing it up and heading to ohio.

it's bittersweet but we feel strongly that this is what is best for our family and we are so grateful for the loving support of our friends and family.