"side" (outside)



this age, eleanor's, is proving to be one of my very favorites. daily she asks me to go "side" (her way of saying outside) and we head into the yard for her to explore. she runs around kicking or throwing her ball, picking up pine cones and sticks, watering her plant, asking me to blow bubbles, and chasing kenya. she runs to every plant, squats down and points, saying, "fower." i love watching her enthusiasm for nature. i have never been into gardening and nearly killed all of my plants last year (who knew i had to water them and my lawn everyday?) but having a toddler who is so interested in them has given me a new appreciation. i walk through the yard and marvel with her at the perennials that managed to survive my neglect and are poking up out of the ground. it was a long winter but this reward was well worth the wait.