21/52 and five things

"a portrait of my children, once a week, every week in 2013."

21 months old

five things about eleanor:

1. she says, "love you" now
2. sitting next to her on the couch and holding hands, she began gently rubbing my hand with her thumb
3. she makes us espresso (seriously watch this)
4. she is obsessed with bike rides. the minute we go outside she runs to the shed and says "bike" and if our ride us too short (it always is) she cries
5. yellow is her favorite color (today)

3 months old

five things about felix:

1. he makes the loudest gulping noises (has since he was born)
2. he laughed for the first time this past weekend and he flirts with his eyes
3. he is always moving and now rolls from his belly to his back
4. he talks to us all the time, he has a lot of stories to tell
5. thinks eleanor is the greatest!