right now

lake macatawa

right now:

i couldn't be happier to see a friday! it's been one of those weeks...one where i feel like i am going to lose it. many moments of both children crying at the same time where i don't know whether to laugh or cry myself. one of those weeks where i feel like i can't get a break and like i am failing as a mother.

and now it's the weekend, the temperatures are warmer, the sun is out, and we have visitors coming.

oh and these words from elizabeth were a helpful reminder, " if you are driving a car really fast, you can't look down. you must focus on the horizon and drive towards it. your mind will fill in the blanks of the road ahead of you. the minute you stop and really think about what you are doing, hurtling down the road, you crash. this is the same for riding a bike, a snowboard, a surfboard, and yes, it's the same for parenting."

have a lovely weekend!