one month with felix

one month old

one month in and i think were starting to get the hang of it around here. yesterday ended the tour of grandparents and once again we have been left to fend for ourselves. i must say after successfully getting us together and out the door yesterday to go to the aquatic center and then managing to juggle playing with eleanor in the water and caring for felix i started to feel like we may be doing well at this. then eleanor kept climbing and shutting herself in a locker and felix began crying, desperate for food immediately, and i remembered that this is hard. and then there was today...eleanor slept in a bit, leaving me to feed and cuddle felix freely and even shower, get dressed, and dry my hair before we were off to music class. i was feeling so good about our day and then halfway home from class i realized i had left my purse at the studio. as stijn said, at least it was my purse i forgot and not felix.

speaking of felix, he is one month old! we had a checkup today and our little man is thriving. he has grown a whole inch since he was born and has gained more than 1.5 lbs. he's already wearing 3-6 month clothes proving that he is an augustynen/strasser baby. we grow em big round these parts! our big boy is almost able to hold his head up, he has a strong kick, and he loves to smile. i know that i am obviously biased but this kid is good lookin. even the nurse today mentioned how handsome he is. lady killer.

he is such a wonderful addition to our little family. eleanor loves him (most of the time). she will hold her arms out asking to hold him and cries if i don't let her. she also randomly switches into mean mode and literally tries to rip his face off. (he has the scratches to prove it.) some day he will get her back for all of it. at the dr. today she got very upset when he was up on the examining table. i lifted her up there to watch and she reached out and held his hand while this mama melted. and when his tears began after sadly having to get a shot so did hers. i love how protective she is of him and as an older sister myself, i know that it is only the beginning of a lifetime of that kind of love.

as i mention nearly every time i do an update on one of my children time is flying by and not to sound like a broken record, but i can't believe a month has already gone by. we have a couple of weeks alone before another round of visitors and i plan to soak up as much of our family as i can before i blink and another month goes by.