full term

37 weeks. full term

37 weeks

saturday marked 37 weeks for me and the little man which makes me officially full term! as much as i would like to believe that there is even a remote chance that he may come early i am trying to keep my expectations at being a few days late. things are still going well for us. he is in position and we are both healthy and strong. braxton hicks are a regular part of my day and i am trying to use them to help practice breathing and just relax knowing that my body is preparing. my pelvic, hip, and lower back pain is still present, though with weekly visits to the chiropractor, it has been manageable. we toured the hospital last week and it was so beautifully calm and serene that it helped to set some of my anxiety aside. i've washed all his little clothes, packed his portion of my hospital bag, washed the parts to our bloom chair and baby bjorn balance seat, washed our baby carriers, and bought newborn diapers. it's safe to say we're about ready! three? weeks to go and we couldn't be more excited. i cannot wait to smell him, see eleanor with him, kiss him, and begin to figure out how we do this life as a family of four thing.