18 months

18 months old

frederik meijer gardens

guess what happened while we were waiting for baby brother? eleanor turned 18 months! these photos were taken on saturday, the last day that eleanor was an only child, the day when she officially grew up. we took her on a special date to the frederik meijer gardens and sculpture park where she ran around bright eyed looking at all the beautiful plants and butterflies. i am so glad that we had this day with her and these photos that capture her beautiful spirit. my baby girl is no longer a baby. she is full on toddler and having an infant around makes her seem that much more grown up.

language: e is finally speaking. it seems as though it happened overnight but in the last two months she has gone from saying 2 words to almost 20. i love hearing her little voice as she points to her brothers face and names his features, "eyes, nose, mouth." most of her words are in english but about 25% are in flemish and she is comprehending everything said to her in both languages.

play: e loves music and is such a dancer so last month we started a kindermusik class. it is so great to watch her develop amongst the other children in the class, interacting with the teacher, listening and following instructions, and dancing her little tush off. we've also been going to the aquatic center weekly to play in the splash zone which is such a wonderful way for my water bug to get some indoor winter play in. we can't wait for it to warm up a bit so we can spend some time outside. eleanor is still a little bookworm and we read many many many books everyday. she also loves to color and we spend time daily either drawing pictures with crayons or on her chalkboard wall.

eleanor is such a big helper. she loves to be a part of mamas everyday activities, helping load and unload the washer and dryer or dishwasher, swiffering the floors, feeding the dog, grabbing diapers to help change felix. i am so grateful that she seems to derive so much pleasure from things that help me. granted, it takes a little bit longer to do those activities, but i believe that the learning far outweighs the sacrifice of time. i look forward to watching her as she continues to become the helpful big sister.

18 months old

our little lady has the brightest and loveliest of personalities. we are so lucky to have her in our lives and our family. i know that throughout her life she will be a light to everyone she comes into contact with. being her mother is the greatest gift i've been given and the 18 months we have had with her alone have been the best of my life. now onto the next chapter for eleanor and for us as a family.

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