winter wonderland


i was just stating my disappointment with this "michigan winter". i mean i bought snow boots for goodness sake and i was really hoping to wear them. not that digging cars out of the driveway is high on my list of desirables but i was expecting lake effect snow and so far, nothing. and then it happened, the snow came, and it hasn't stopped since. despite the fact that my car is not made for this kind of weather i love it! i don't appreciate folks that are always complaining about the weather. i am so grateful to live somewhere where i experience all of the seasons and where my children get to explore and discover their world covered in sand or snow. thank you michigan for giving us a truly beautiful winter wonderland and for giving me a reason to wear my sorels.

in the last four days we've only ventured out of the house twice but we did manage to head into our backyard yesterday for a bit when the sun came out. eleanor has seen snow before but this was her first time playing in it, discovering it. she cracked me up in her puffy snow gear, waddling through the yard, laying down in and eating the snow. i can't wait to take her back out!