on entertaining


our company left this morning after a lovely weekend spent relaxing, catching up, and eating. we laughed about all of the ways that our paths have crossed and how odd it seems that we ended up here with them visiting us in michigan. jan is stijn's oldest friend (not in age, in amount of time known). they went to university together in belgium and then later stijn reported to jan at p&g in beglium and switzerland. jesse is jan's american husband, from detroit, whom he met in cincinnati when he came on a three year assignment. when jan moved to cincinnati he moved into the building that the coffee shop i ran was located, the same coffee shop where stijn and i had met a year prior. confused yet? it turned out that at the same time that i was moving to switzerland jan and jesse were relocating there as well. and now here we are in holland, michigan and on a trip to visit jesses family in detroit they spent a few days with us!

i love hosting guests. i find great joy in planning out the meals that we will share together, those that i will cook, and the places that we will take them out to. i love going to the store and picking up yummy, special things to snack on and good wine and beer for us (them) to drink. it is such a pleasure to cook for the kind of folks who appreciate good food and drink and jan and jesse are just those kinds of guests. here is a peek at the meal plan for their visit.

- breakfast: mini quiche lorraine, fresh fruit, yogurt nature with granola, french press coffee, and juice
- lunch: homemade tomato and roasted red pepper soup with grown up grilled cheese
- dinner: out at our favorite local restaurant, salt of the earth
- dessert: jeni's ice cream at home

- breakfast: pastries from a local dutch bakery
- lunch: sandwiches packed and taken to meet stijn at herman miller
- happy hour: yummy cheeses, pate, olives, crudite, and of course beer and wine
- dinner: braised beef short ribs with potato puree and horseradish cream
- dessert: marquise au chocolat with crème anglaise and pistachios

- breakfast: at a local diner

if i could make a living hosting and planning out meals i would be one happy camper! now who wants to come visit me next?