us, sweaty

remember that weekend in july, the one where it was surface of the sun hot? where most people with a brain stayed inside in the comfort of their air conditioning or at least were within inches of a large amount of water? yeah, we spent it camping on a farm in indiana with our closest family and friends, celebrating our marriage. nothing like 100 degree temperatures to bond you to those that chose to suffer by your side.

here we are in january when it is the opposite of hot and the secret little being that was growing inside me making that heat all the more fun is now not much of a secret and almost ready to join our family. and i am just now getting to go through the 1000 images we have from our big hootenanny.

i can't help but laugh as i think of how unbearably hot it was and we have the pictures to prove it... here is a peek at that day.


lawn games


thanks to everyone who came and sweat with us. thank you to our family that traveled from around the world to be there. it was truly an unforgettable weekend and we are so glad that you were there to share in it with us.

all photos taken by lovely and talented tiffany dawn
there are far too many to post so view more here