swiss bound

Lake (Lutry)

today we are returning to lausanne for a short 24 hour trip. when we left switzerland for the u.s. a year ago i couldn't imagine a time in the near future where i would have a desire to return. it's not that i didn't like it there, i just wasn't in any hurry to go back. we made some beautiful memories but my time in lausanne was also marked by a lot of loneliness and feelings of being somewhat lost. it wasn't until a few months ago when a friend was planning a trip there and asked for recommendations that i started to miss it or at least was aware that there were details of our life there that i missed. there is something truly magical about living in another country and i am beyond grateful that i had the opportunity to do so. i'm looking forward to returning to the place where i wandered and had to find my way amongst a language i didn't know, the place where we were married and the first home we made together as husband and wife, the place where i began my journey to motherhood, the place where we welcomed our daughter into the world, the place where we became a family. i'm looking forward to tea and croissants in the cafes i sat in missing my family and friends. i'm looking forward to walking the hilly streets of the city that kept me in shape while i filled myself with unpasteurized, full fat dairy products. i can't wait to hear the whispers of french and to see that beautiful lake with it's surrounding mountains. photo from my mr.