2012 in review


another year has passed and here we are. 2012 was a big one for our little family and as it looks 2013 will be the same. i love the new year and the reflection that it inevitably brings along with it. i love looking at the past year and all the memories that it held and then dreaming of what the next year will hold. here is a quick look back at 2012 for us.

january: we enjoyed our last month in switzerland with visits to small mountain towns, a ski trip to beautiful zermat, and lots and lots of packing.

february: we moved to holland, michigan, stijn started his new job, and we began adjusting to life in the u.s.

march: we bought a project house!

april: we took a trip with my parents and grandparents to florida (eleanor's first time on a beach), we moved into our new home, and began renovating.

may: we celebrated my 32nd birthday and our 1st anniversary.

june: we celebrated stijn's 34th birthday, took a trip to chicago, and discovered that we were expecting another little one.

july: stijn's family came to the u.s. for the first time, we threw a huge party on our family farm in indiana to celebrate our marriage, and we traveled to belgium and then london for the olympics.

august: our little lady turned 1!!!

september: eleanor's first trip to a pumpkin patch; we picked out pumpkins and ate apple fritters. we had the wood floors in our house refinished. we traveled to cincinnati and met a dear friend's new son, alaister.

october: we learned that the little one growing in my belly was a boy and we began hypnobirthing classes. eleanor celebrated halloween as an owl.

november: we continued work on the house trying to complete some big projects before our little man arrives. we took a trip early in november to chicago to satisfy some food cravings. we traveled to cincinnati to celebrate thanksgiving with family and friends.

december: our last trips before baby brother arrives, we traveled to belgium for an early christmas and then to cincinnati for the holidays.

2012 was full of travel, finding our way in a new city, making a home, growing another baby, and watching our baby girl turn into a sweet little lady. 2013 will be holding much of the same and we get to meet our little man and get to know life as a family of 4. in 2013 i am hoping to be more intentional about dating my husband, to take a step forward in my business, to finish our phase one home renovations, to meet more folks in holland and to really begin to invest in our life there, to be a better mom, and to learn to be more content. what are your new years intentions?

here's to another beautiful year friends!