how we arrived at hypnobirthing

Lac Leman (Vevey)
when i was pregnant with eleanor my doula asked if we were interested in hypnobirthing. after a brief description, and as my eyes were rolling into the back of my head, stijn gently said, "i don't think that's for you." he knows me so well. to be honest, i was turned off/tuned out by the name. hypnobirthing? what kind of hippie bullshit is that? i've always considered myself a pragmatist and have taken pride in being analytical. the idea of meditation or visualization seemed hokey to me and so i wrote it off.

my birth with e didn't go as i had hoped. and after a lot of reflection i have come to realize that it is due in large part to my own mind. let's face it, i'm a control freak and if there's one thing i could not control it was my labor. i spent the majority of those 36 hours trying to tough it out and in turn fighting my own body. i knew this time needed to be different. i needed to learn to let go, to relax, and to let my body work the way it was created to work. enter hypnobirthing. again my immediate reaction was, "not so sure about that." but i went to an informational meeting and after hearing the doula/rn/hypnobirthing practitioner explain the science behind it my rational mind was sold.

we are now two weeks into our six week course and i love it. i love the learning, i love the practice, i love the confidence i feel in my ability to have the natural birthing experience i have desired. we have quite a ways to go as i'm just a couple of weeks past the halfway mark of my pregnancy and i still have a ways to go in my practice. i still struggle with letting my mind fully go and i fall asleep nearly every time i listen to the relaxation cd but i know my subconscious is awake taking it all in.

e's birth may not have gone as i had hoped but had it been different i don't think i would have been open to this method and for that i am grateful. i'll keep you posted on how it goes throughout the rest of my pregnancy and beyond.