weekend bits

hey friends! it's been a while. we returned from our trip to belgium and london a week ago and needed last week to decompress. july had been a whirlwind month for us and to be honest i'm glad it's over. our trip was great as was that wedding celebration we had last month. i promise there will be more on both of those topics soon, many photos to share.

this weekend was one for getting back to normal. we walked to the farmer's market saturday and bought delicious produce and then worked some more on the house. well stijn worked on the house while i tried to keep our daughter entertained and out of the toolbox. stijn painted the trim and the doors in the kitchen which really helps the room to look complete. just a few more finishing touches before we can move onto another room. after months of doing projects all over the house it is nice to see one room nearly complete.

this is a big week for us as saturday my baby turns 1! in some ways i cannot believe it's been a year and then in others it feels like she's been with us all along. looking forward to celebrating with family and friends next weekend and watching her devour some cake.

i hope you had a wonderful weekend and here's to an awesome week ahead!