over the moon


i suppose it's time we let you in on a little something going on over here...baby no.2 is on the way!

saturday marks 15 weeks and we couldn't be happier! those first few months were a bit rough, feeling drained and nauseous while working through my fear and anxiety about another miscarriage but we made it and i am feeling great!

being pregnant again while caring for a one year old has been, well let's just say, different. when i was pregnant with eleanor and feeling low or sick i would just lay down, it's not quite so easy when a little person wants your attention. it's possible that she helped me get through the sickness simply by not letting me sit still long enough to think about it.

baby is doing great so far. we've heard a heartbeat a couple of times and seen he/she's little form on the screen once. i surprisingly am not anemic this time around, yay for me and not having to take those nasty iron supplements! i've been craving a lot of veggies, salads, and ethnic food unlike with eleanor where i couldn't get enough citrus and sugar.

we are thrilled to be adding another little person to our family and we can't wait to see eleanor as a big sister! we've tried to point to the belly (it's still fairly small though definitely more visible than the first time around) and tell her that her little brother or sister is in there but she only seems to be interested in pulling on my belly button. our babies will be just 18 months apart as this little is due to join us on february 22nd. we wanted our children to be close in age and i hope that they grow up as friends!

thanks for being on this journey with us. we are super excited to share this new life with you all.