10 months old

my dear eleanor,

monday you became 10 months old! that means that in just 2 short months you will have been on this earth for one year. (yes mama's math skills are impressive. remember that when you're learning trigonometry) it's been a big couple of months for you. there is so much that you seem to be learning everyday, i can hardly keep up.

height- 29.5in. (75cm)
weight- 19lbs., 14oz. (9kg)
teeth- still holding steady at 6

you will eat pretty much anything though you seem to be especially fond of bananas. you started eating plain yogurt and decided this morning that you were going to feed yourself with the spoon. you're still breastfeeding about 4 times a day. we were planning on waiting until the one year birthday mark before introducing sweets but at ella's birthday party this past weekend i looked over to find you under her high chair eating every crumb that fell from her piece of chocolate cake. you were a fan!

you go on and on all day long with your bahbahbah and dadadada and an occasional mamama. no discernible words yet but since you are being taught two languages we expect you to be a little slower to speak. you do seem to be understanding words though. whenever you want to touch something that mama doesn't want you to touch you walk over to it, turn around and look at me, and then shake your head no. this doesn't keep you from touching it though, you just think no is funny. you also know who kenya is. when we ask you where she is you get super excited and point to her. when we ask you where mama is you also point to kenya so we're working on it.

you love books and get really excited whenever we read a book with animals in it. your favorite book right now is the book of sleep. when we read a book you turn the pages for me (sometimes before were done reading the page) but it's so fun to see you connecting with how it works. because you love the animals in books so much i thought it would be fun to take you to the zoo and so we went to the lincoln park zoo when we were in chicago and you smiled the whole time. i'm not sure whether it was the animals or all the other kids but you were so happy. your favorite was the monkey that swung back and forth right in front of you. you just kept following him with your eyes back and forth and smiling and pointing. i tried to show you the lions since that is your favorite stuffed animal right now but they were sleeping.

my absolute favorite thing you are doing right now is giving kisses. when i ask you for a kiss and pucker up and start to say "mw-ah" you lean in and plop one on me. sometimes you even finish the "ah." it is simply the cutest. you have also started to cuddle a bit right when you wake up. you snuggle right into the nook of my neck and it melts my heart.

you have been cruising on furniture for months now, pulling yourself up, climbing, and cruising down the couch or the table. you have been standing on your own for short periods of time these last few weeks and last week i pulled out a folding chair for you to push around the kitchen. you loved it and so everyday we practice walking by pushing your chair. and then today while i was taking pictures of you for this post you took one step toward me. you immediately fell over but still your first step! later on today you did it again, and again. when papa came home from work you wanted to show off so you took two steps. i think it's only a matter of time before i'm chasing you around the house.

you are such a joy and we are so lucky to have you shining in our lives and our family. you, my dear, make everyday awesome!