weekend bits

this weekend was about getting real. getting real about the amount of work there is to do. getting real about expectations. getting real about remembering to invest in each other as much as the house.

after a serious conversation regarding how overwhelmed stijn and I were both feeling and how disconnected from each other we felt we decided to spend sunday tackling one room together. our bedroom it was and attack we did. we took down fixtures, rerouted lighting, painted the walls and the ceiling, painted our built in bookcase and it's 100 shelves, tore up the carpet, tacking strips and under layer, drank margaritas, and gave each other high fives. only the trim left to paint and we'll have ourselves one finished room to cross off the list.

I went to bed last night feeling a huge sense of accomplishment and with back spasms. I may not be moving well today but we almost have a bedroom! and that my friends is something to celebrate, with another margarita perhaps.