happy friday

I know I've been a little distant lately and really it's not you, it's me. I just don't feel much like sharing. Call it a funk, call it exhaustion but I feel like the last few weeks have been fairly uneventful in that we engage in the same things everyday and therefore wouldn't excite you. I could write to tell you that we're working on the house again or that we're trying to find our place in a town where people dress up in Dutch costumes, dance, and eat carnival food, or that owl+panther has received three orders in the last three days. If I felt like writing I would tell you that I feel like our list of home projects are never ending and that I am overwhelmed. I would share that Eleanor has decided that the new house isn't a place where she would like to sleep and so I am going on my tenth day of no sleep. But I don't want to complain so I just haven't written.

In other news Stijn has been in LA this week and we received a surprise visit from my dear friend, Elisabeth. A few days off from the house, some corndogs and fried pickles, and trips to some local gems have been a lovely respite. Now off to go pick my husband up from the airport and get back to the real world of no sleep and home renovations.

Have a wonderful weekend friends!