weekend bits

our weekend was spent entirely working on the house. more specifically, on the kitchen. stijn and my dad tore out the existing kitchen, took down a wall, took down the drywall and plaster covering a brick wall, took out part of the floor, re-routed heating and electric, and began rebuilding the floor and walls. i spent the weekend painting, unloading the truck, removing wallpaper, entertaining eleanor, and getting coffee and food. i am so impressed by those two men of mine and so excited to see the kitchen transforming into what is sure to be my favorite room. watching my husband and my father work so well together was almost as pleasurable as seeing the room take shape.
as i moved boxes from the truck into the house i realized many of them haven't been opened in years, a side effect of years of feeling like at any point the rug could be pulled out from underneath me. i was once again overcome with the excitement of having a home and knowing that my things can come out of their boxes and that they won't be going anywhere again for a very long time. this weekend i felt a sense of security i haven't felt in a long time. i'm safe here, i can invest myself here because we, my little family, are creating this life here together. thanks again to my dad and to stijn for working their rears off this weekend. you guys are amazing!