weekend bits


my parents came to visit/help out at the house this weekend. we still have not closed and do not yet have possession but the city of holland will pick up any yard waste if you push it out into the street up until today. knowing that we had a lot of yard work to do and having planned visits around our original close date we got permission from the seller to enter the house and get some work done. we managed to take out some rather large bushes covering our driveway and walkway, tore the ivy down off the side of the house, and did some general clean up. the house looks so much better already! while going through the shed in the backyard stijn and my dad uncovered a metal letter "e". i think it's a sign that the house is for us. my parents have taken on some pretty big home renovation projects in their time and so it was so nice to have them walk through the house and help us to assess. i still find it overwhelming but i'm trying to be ok with it being a process and knowing that it will take some time.