eight months old (+ a week or so)

a little late on my e update but well, we've been busy. 



my dear eleanor, it has been quite a month little one, both for you and for our little family.

about a week into your seventh month you traded your army crawl for full fledged on all fours crawling and you haven't stopped since. seriously, you are fast. you also decided that standing would be your new favorite position and so you continue to pull yourself up on just about anything. at first you would just fall/plop back down and it was so cute to watch you stick your cute little behind out as if feeling for the ground. you have now gotten quite proficient at sitting back down from standing. you are also walking along tables and couches. there have been a few missed landings and one busted lip but you haven't let any of that nonsense stop you from exploring. you are quite literally everywhere and in everything. i have found you inside cabinets, over and under tables, stuck under cabinet doors, and yesterday after turning my back for two minutes i found you on the second step going for the third. my heart stopped beating for a second as i scooped my brave little girl up. it is so fun to watch you play and explore your world.

we bought a house baby. a house for you to grow up in, a house for you to play in, a house for you to be a big sister in. we spend just about every day there working now and you seem to be quite at home in your wonderland of boxes. your mobility and determination to put anything you can get in your hand into your mouth has led to some stressful moments as we attempt to update a 100+ year old house. i wish i could teach you to take down the wallpaper instead of trying to eat it or to hold a paintbrush.

we went to florida a few weeks ago. we drove 19 hours each way to relax for a week on the beach. you loved the sand and of course wanted to eat it. i spent most of the time trying to keep you from doing so. we swam in the pool and you were a natural as we knew you would be. you have always been such a water baby.

we are still doing baby led weaning. you are pretty much sticking with fruits and vegetables and some occasional low sodium breads. you love pasta and even tried a few rice dishes this past month including indian food. these last few weeks i've been trying to be more diligent about giving you something to eat at each of my mealtimes. you don't seem to care much about food yet and i'm not sure how much you actually ingest but you are happy to discover everything i put in front of you. you have rejected the idea of a sippy cup but have been drinking water from a straw since you were about five and a half months old. we were at dinner the other day when someone came over and said, "is she the baby that drinks from a straw?" i guess you are well know around these parts.

you really love kenya. when we ask you where kenya is you get very excited while looking around for her. she continues to love you too as you are always giving her extra food. you have an incredible ability to make a mess darling. whether with your food, or the contents of my purse, or every book on the shelf, or everything on the coffee table, or just everything really you seem to take great pleasure in throwing it all on the ground.

you are so pleasant and just such a lovely little girl. you continue to delight everyone that meets you. people remark on three things consistently upon meeting you. after asking how old you are they usually say, "really only _ months?" sometimes i get the feeling that they think i'm not telling the truth. secondly people often remark on your hair. i apologize for this my dear as i fear your crazy hair came from your mama but i assure you that it won't always be this way. thirdly and most frequently people ask if you are always this happy. and the truth is you are, you are such a joy! i have loved every moment of being your mother. every stage has been enjoyable but i must say that this stage right now is so much fun. you seem to be growing and learning at such a high rate and it is so amazing to watch. i am so glad that i get to be a part of these moments with you.