the bathroom

did i mention we bought a house? have i told you yet that it's over 100 years old and hasn't been updated in about half of that time? have i even begun to tell you how many big and little projects there are for us to tackle?

here is an abbreviated list of what needs to get done in the interior of the house. (in no particular order):
1. take wallpaper down from every single wall in house
2. paint all walls and trim
3. remove carpet from all rooms
4. repair hardwood floors where necessary
5. tear out kitchen (including demo of wall)
6. install kitchen
7. update bathrooms
8. remove and replace all overhead lighting

after prioritizing our home projects we concluded that the bathroom and the kitchen were the two most important rooms to tackle before moving in as neither one would be fun to live through. and so began our first big redo: the full bathroom.

currently the full bath is a scary shade of blue painted over wainscoting, with a beautiful claw foot tub (also painted blue), and linoleum flooring. we're not quite sure what is behind that wainscoting and in an effort to keep projects manageable we have decided to leave it and give it a fresh coat of paint for now. as crazy as it seems we are painting it black. i love a black and white bathroom and think it will work beautifully in this space. we are also tackling our first tile project and by we i mean stijn. i am in charge of creating the vision for the space, painting, and dealing with the tub. i can't wait to see it all come together. and for those of you doubting our paint color choice just you wait! as stijn says, "it's classy."

here is our inspiration