weekend bits


we spent the weekend almost entirely making plans and preparing for the house. we are supposed to close this friday and being that we will only have one month in between closing and when we need to move in we are trying to prioritize projects (and there are many). saturday we took a trip to grand rapids and test drove a car, had a picnic in the park with some of the best food, met up with new friends for coffee and walks, introduced eleanor to sushi, and ordered lots of furniture for the house. sunday we went to home depot to get ready for our bathroom tiling and painting projects, had pizza, and watched mad men. i'm starting to feel a little less overwhelmed by the work that the house will require now that i have organized my thoughts and things are starting to take shape. now lets just cross our fingers that this is a smooth week and that closing on friday does indeed happen.

because of the new addition to our family (the house, not another child!) you can expect to see some home inspired posts on this blog; inspiration, before and after projects, and general home ownership stuff. yay!