sweet and salty

sweet and salty
you may have heard me mention in the last few weeks my dissatisfaction with the grocery shopping here in holland. perhaps i have been spoiled. cincinnati has many great options when it comes to shopping for food. we have the always lovely findlay market, a couple whole foods stores, clifton natural foods, and a few fresh markets just to name a few. and don't even ask how it compares to shopping in switzerland. holland has family fare which scares me, d&w fresh market which is ok, a natural foods store which is nice but small and limited, and meijer. there is apparently an amazing market but it is only open may through november leaving me with no other option than to go to meijer. i am not a fan! the big box store has good produce and a large natural food selection but meat and fish are well fishy and it just isn't my ideal. food shopping is such a joy for me. i am always inspired by the fresh ingredients that i find at markets or at a whole foods or in switzerland in general but i struggle in the giant aisles of meijer.

yesterday as i was wandering those aisles and feeling particularly nostalgic i began dreaming of the free sample, i mean bulk section of whole foods. now i know i know this aisle is not for my snacking pleasure and i refrain from sampling everything but it has been a tradition of mine to grab one of those chocolate covered pretzels as i pass by. (ok maybe i grab 3) oh, and for years i have been calling these yogurt covered pretzels thinking that made them better for me. yeah, not yogurt; they're white chocolate!

instead of laying down in the middle of meijer and weeping i picked up a bag of pretzels, white and semi sweet chocolate because who should have to pick between the two, and sprinkles because rainbow sprinkles make everything better and made my own.