promote love


confession: i am not the nicest person. truthfully, i am highly critical and sometimes judgmental. that criticism does not come from a place of malice but rather always trying to see things for what they could be. i am highly opinionated and find great pleasure in discussing those opinions/defending them. as a kid, my teachers referred to me as the public defender. whether in the classroom or on the playground i often stood up for thoughts and others. as an adult i've remained pretty much the same. i'm often analyzing situations or places, forming opinions, and thinking of what could be different or how it could be better. while this has it's benefits it also comes with it's drawbacks. i fear that my mind skips to the negative first. pointing out what i see that is wrong first (even with myself). now that i am a mother and feel a huge sense of responsibility for how my daughter sees the world, interacts with it, and changes it, i am hyper aware of how my negativity could affect her. i wish for her to be free to have a critical and analytical mind, for her to always feel safe to ask questions, explore, form opinions, and challenge others. but i also wish for her to look for the good before finding the bad and to always speak love and not hate. i will always be critical, i know that will not change, but my hope is that these words can serve to remind me that criticism without action is futile and that my actions will set an example for my child.