i wouldn't consider myself a fearful mother. i mean i don't let eleanor play with knives but if she licks the floor i don't freak out. she falls, she eats dog hair, she likes to suck on door stops... sure i wince a little when she pulls herself up on the table with the sharp edges and i hold my breath when she falls, waiting to see if she's ok before i react but overall i think i'm a pretty easy going mother. i do however worry about bigger things; uncontrollables, accidents, other peoples influences on her, what kind of a world she will grow up in. there is so much to think about, worry about, obsess about when it comes to parenting and there's always a news story or a new book or article to help you add more to the list.

i remembered this quote from simplicity parenting and have decided i may need it plastered to every readable surface in my house and in my car for the rest of my life, "the central struggle of parenthood is to let our hopes for our children outweigh our fears." -ellen goodman

i have been trusted to care for this precious little soul and for as long as she needs me to and allows me to i will do my very best to protect her from harm while still creating a safe place for her to explore the world. armed with those words i will continue to let my hopes and dreams for her be the resounding voice in my head and be the place that i speak from.