weekend bits


i am not a big fan of american football or televised sports in general. i don't really understand the idea of a super fan or the desire to wear horribly ugly outfits in the name of loyalty. but i am in favor of any occasion that calls for sharing food and drink with people i love. so for my inaugural weekend back in the u.s.of.a i made a big meal for my family to enjoy. my brothers and their partners came over to my parents' house and we ate freshly popped black pearl popcorn with paprika, orange barbecue pulled pork sliders, baguette with white bean puree and broccoli rabe, a big pot of vegetarian chili, crudités with buttermilk blue cheese dressing, and of course chicken wings. i also made some of the most rich, decadent, brownies with walnuts i have ever tasted. there was plenty of beer to be had and i even learned a thing or two about football.