six months old

6 months old

my dear eleanor,

saturday you turned six months old, which is half of a year already. i can hardly believe how much you've grown up.

you are sitting on your own now. every once and a while you still topple over but you love sitting and the new view that this is giving you. you aren't yet able to sit up from laying down on your own but we are working on it.

you now have two little bottom teeth and they make your smile even cuter. you seemed relatively unfazed by the whole teething process. none of the fevers and rashes that i had heard about. you chewed on just about anything you could get near your mouth and then suddenly there were two little teeth.

with the addition of those teeth and your new ability to sit up we started you on solid food. because we are doing baby led weaning this has meant just putting different foods down in front of you and allowing you to discover them. so far you have tried carrots, broccoli, apple, green beans, asparagus, avocado, banana, a little chicken, and ezekial bread toast. it's a bit early but it seemed as though your favorites were asparagus and avocado. so far i'm not sure how much you are actually ingesting but just moments ago you were getting the hang of chewing with an apple slice. it is so amazing to watch you figure food out and until you do breast milk is still keeping you at the top of the growth chart.

you continue to babble mama mama and dada dada. while we would love to believe that you are already calling us by name i am fairly certain that these words are no different to you than babababa and ahahahah.

since we arrived in the u.s. three weeks ago you have been sleeping in your crib at night. i was worried that this would be a difficult transition as we have been co-sleeping since you were born but you have taken to it like a pro. the transition may have been harder on me than on you so when you wake up at 4 or 5am for a feeding i usually keep you in bed with us until morning.

you continue to bring joy to everyone that meets you. you light up and smile the biggest smile whenever you are spoken to and everyone remarks on how happy you are. i am so glad and feel so lucky that you are mine.

6 months old