weekend bits


our last weekend in lausanne was spent packing, cleaning, and saying our goodbyes. the movers arrived early saturday morning and packed our life into a small moving truck to then fill a container that will spend the next two months on a ship making it's way to us in the u.s. with nothing left in our apartment we are now temporary guests of some very generous friends.

we spent saturday evening in good company including stijn's friend joke, who is six months pregnant. it was only five short months ago that i was eagerly awaiting the arrival of our little lady and watching joke rubbing her hands along her belly i was immediately back there. all the feelings of anticipation and wondering what she would look like, be like... the instinctual position of a woman's hands on her pregnant bump is a powerful thing and even though i now have the incredible joy of holding my daughter, hugging her little body, and speaking to her while looking in her eyes i couldn't help but feel nostalgic for those months before she arrived when i would lovingly rub the place in my body that she was occupying.

we went to geneva on sunday to enjoy a plentiful brunch with friends and to say some goodbyes. sitting at the table i was confronted with just why this place never felt like home. there we were, six of us, and all about to move onto something new. two of us to holland, michigan in a few days, one to new york in august, two to moscow in two months, and one on to get an MBA somewhere on the east coast. this is geneva. transient. we're all expats here trying to make a home but knowing that our stay is only temporary. it was wonderful to celebrate exciting changes in all of our lives but had me all the more grateful for the chance to finally put down some roots.

we ended the day doing the most intense deep clean of our apartment. swiss standards are a bit different than what i am used to and cleaning an apartment before an exit inspection includes washing walls, windows, the stores, not to mention the usual scrubbing of the oven, fridge, cabinets, bathroom, and just apartment in general. it's funny how clean a place is when you leave and how it will likely never be as clean again. maybe someday i will clean my own house this way so i can actually enjoy the pleasure of living in it.

last minute administration, a few more goodbyes, and then we are off on another plane to a new life and a new home.