fur face


when i moved to switzerland a year and a half ago i brought with me only two suitcases worth of clothes and one very adventurous dog. initially i worried about how she would do on the long flight over the ocean but she seemed fairly un-phased. once we arrived and began to settle in here i think kenya adapted quicker than i to her new home. she loved it here; long walks through parks, chasing the miniature dogs everyone in switzerland seems to have, and going for swims in lake geneva. my little world traveling dog has now been in switzerland, belgium, and france. i am so grateful that i was able to have her here with me; such an important piece of my life back home to help me get through some of the feelings of loneliness and isolation that accompanied being in a foreign place. because of restrictions on pets flying in winter we brought kenya back to cincinnati with us when we came home for thanksgiving and for the last two months she has been having the time of her life with my parents and her buddy bronx. but it hasn't been the same here without her. i miss her so much and cannot wait to see her again in just a few short weeks.